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Dr. Nageena Akhtar at work
Dr Nageena Akhtar Dani was diagnosed with autism

Dani was diagnosed with autism while I was pregnant.

  • By Nageena

How I took over and helped my son to fight against autism

Hello I am Nageena Akhtar, a wellness doctor trained in chiropractic following 5 years of intensive training. I have wanted to be a chiropractor since the age of 11 after observing a miraculous recovery of my mother's migraines following a chiropractic adjustment to her neck. I only ever focused on becoming a chiropractor since that day and after successfully completing my masters with an award of best all round student I began helping people achieve their health goals.

I was working in a great practise alongside setting up my own. I was blessed with my first son Dani in 2009. I never had felt such deep unconditional love in my life before and the world was perfect, so much so I wanted to have more babies. My little 18 month old Dani welcomed his new little brother Umer-ali.

We have made many changes to his treatment program. He has been on the Gaps diet for the last 3 years, Fiji water, biomedical intervention, functional medicine including OAT tests, mitochondrial support, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, Homeopathy, Ioncleanse footbaths and using Epsom salts along with his extremely important weekly Chiropractic adjustments and neurostimulation exercises. Dani is 8 years old now and is fully verbal and strongly independent. He has been discharged from Speech and Language therapy 6 Months ago. Our journey still continues.

Everything was great until Umer-Ali was diagnosed with an unknown neurometabilic condition and died just under 6 months old.

My world had been completely destroyed in that moment, I am still unable to describe the rawness of that heart wrenching pain. I was left with a wound so deep I could not see anymore. I felt emotionally numb, I could not feel, not even the love I had for Dani. It seemed to be buried somewhere that I could no longer access.

My son, Dani was diagnosed with autism a year and a half later, while I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter.

I was informed he may never speak or ever be independent and will need 24 hour care for life. I had been propelled into a journey of research in autism spectrum disorders and neurodevelopmental delays and challenges I was only vaguely aware of this condition and what it meant for my family. I was left alone with a diagnosis not knowing where to go. I researched intensively for 4 years studying daily until 2am every night to find ways to help my son. I was desperate to help him. To help him speak. To help him be independent To help him be the best the best he could be. We began this journey with an atec score of 94 and after 4 years of dedication in nutrition, diet, functional medicine, detoxifocation, methylation, chiropractic cranial adjusting, chiropractic neurostimulation and exercise he has a score of 6.


I am a messenger of hope, research and possibility to help your children unlock their potential.
I am ready to serve. Nageena x